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• CDC Safety Procedures
• Rigorous Sanitation Training
• Virtual Design Consultations
• Contactless Installation
Brighten your home with natural light.
Tubular Daylighting is great for brightening hallways, bathrooms, kitchens, washrooms, etc...
• NEW: Solar-Powered Daylight Dimmer now available
• Receive a Federal Tax Credit
Big Power for Big Impact
Solar attic fans remove heat and moisture from your attic and/or garage.
• Saves energy costs
• Receive a Federal Tax Credit
House TOO HOT?
Whole House Fans will keep your entire home cool and healthy.
• Remove heat & unhealthy air quickly
• Exhaust indoor air contaminants
• Save big on A/C costs
• Quiet and powerful operation
What's cooler than a whole house fan?
The fact that we now offer installation, starting with a free in-home consultation.
Solatube's New Whole House Fan
Add form to function
Decorative fixtures only available from Solatube
Add form to function with Decorative Fixtures

Daylight Rangers is committed to our customers with our Solatube Protection Promise

Maintaining a safe and clean environment
for our customers, contractors, and employees is our top priority.

Like most of you, we are monitoring the effects of COVID-19.
As a result, we have put rigorous sanitary procedures into place to ensure your
experience is safe and clean.

As always, we look forward to adding the benefits of natural light and fresh air
into your home.

In this time of business uncertainty, please help us spread the
word about the benefits of natural light and fresh air.


How do I get an estimate for my home?

We have two ways to give an estimate.
First, we can do a Preliminary Design Consultation with you and one of our experts, it’s simple and easy.
Second, we can have our Certified Installation Consultant come to your home and answer all your questions.

What is a Preliminary Design Consultation?

Preliminary Design Consultations can be done easily by phone or email.
This convenient process allows our experts to observe your home, answer your questions, and give recommendations and a written Preliminary Quote.

How do I purchase a product? 

For customers and contractors,
please give us a call and we will have your products ready for curbside pick-up.

Is the showrooms open? 

Currently, our showroom is open by appointment 9:30 – 4:30 Monday – Friday

and on Saturday 10:00 – 1:00.

Just give us a call.

We’ve been bringing daylight indoors to homeowners in Texas just like you for more than 13 years. Why? Quite simply, we believe everyone deserves to have more sunshine in their lives.

Using a Solatube Daylighting System, we pipe natural light right into your home. This unique home lighting solution—also known as a tubular daylighting device, tubular skylight, solar tube, or light tunnel—delivers the brightest, highest quality daylight possible and is a smart alternative to traditional skylights.

Areas of service 

We proudly service all of Plano and have daylighting experts on call ready to provide you with the utmost in customer service. 

Friendly experts that come to you

As the only company with a team of dedicated daylighting experts, we make it our aim to know more about daylighting than anyone else. During a free, in-home consultation, one of our factory-trained Certified Installation Consultants (CICs) will provide answers to questions like…

  • Which model is right for my needs? 
  • What is the best placement in my room? 
  • How many systems do I need?
  • How long is installation going to take? 
  • How much will all this cost? 

Finally…home improvement without the hassle

After customizing the best lighting solution for you, we can install it the same day. If you’re not quite ready to decide, that’s okay too. Ultimately, our goal is to provide you with an enjoyable home improvement experience.

Naturally bright, happy homes

Over and over, customers have told us that switching to natural light changed their lives for the better. The only complaint? They wish they’d done it years earlier. Don’t make the same mistake. The sooner you call us, the sooner you can have a brighter, happier, more beautiful home.

Please visit our showroom at:

2830 West 15th St. (Next to Subway), Plano, TX 75075

Jun 19, 2020
This is the second Solar Tube I have purchased from this company. The product is EXCELLENT! I purchased this to brighten up my utility room. I love it!!! I installed a larger model this time. The light radiates so bright with the Texas sun. It lights up my utility room and kitchen. The installer was done in a flash! He did a wonderful job, explained how he installed the solar tube and even cleaned and dusted the other tube ! If you are considering purchasing a solar tube, it is a wise investment. Best gift I ever got! Mrs. Mc Laughlin
Jun 5, 2020
Wow, wow, wow! What a joy it is to write a real 5 star review. I called and spoke to an incredibly informative employee who explained Daylight's products to me and scheduled the appointment. Peter, the owner, came out right on time. He evaluated our attic space and recommended the 2400 Solar Star system given the size of our attic space. He said it was like having 10 whirlybirds and it would significantly cool the space. It just so happens that our HVAC folks were out at 4 pm yesterday and measured our attic at 126 degrees. Peter installed the system at around 2pm today. The HVAC folks swung by today at 5:30 pm and measured the attic space at 100 degrees. A 26 degree difference! Are we happy - YES!
May 25, 2020
Visiting the showroom gave us the opportunity to see exactly what we wanted and get a very specific quote. When we were ready to have the solartubes put in, the installation was scheduled promptly, the price quote was honored, even though beyond the original promise, and the work was done professionally and expeditiously. We were very satisfied with the results. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Daylight Rangers to anyone wishing to brighten up a dark area in their home.
Mar 20, 2020
I'm so glad we found Daylight Rangers. Their customer service is top notch, and everybody that we spoke with (Flora, Ted, Courtney) were extremely knowledgeable and patient with us (we had a lot of questions since this was the first time that we installed a Solatube). When the day of the appointment came, Peter did the installation and he was just as great as his team, very respectful of the house and careful in his work. And finally, the product: we love our Solatubes! They bring a lot of natural light to our double story living room. It was money well spent and I just wish we had it done earlier. One recommendation: if you have a chance, visit their show room, cause it's a lot easier to understand how the Solatubes work and see the installed results right there. Thanks!!
Feb 29, 2020
When I was at the Texas State fair, I stopped by the Daylight Rangers table because I knew I needed to upgrade and add vents to my roof. At the time, I told the Lady who was at the table that I was just recently let go due to downsizing but to call me in Jan 2020 and I should be back to work by then. They called the first week of Jan and I ask them to show up at the end of Jan to do an estimate. They should up on time. Their installer was very knowledgeable and even gave some ideas to help with venting hot air without knowing if he would get the business. I did have two other quotes at the time. They promptly did a follow up call and asked for the business. However, I was waiting on one more quote. I asked them to call me again last week of Feb. They did and I choose them. Why: Great follow up. Installer knew his trade well and was very polite and explained the product and the process very well. I highly recommend them. What did I have installed? Two solar powered Roof vents. To pull out the hot air. More cost effective I think that a powered unit.
Jan 11, 2020
If you hate dark in your house, and you like nature light, you will like Daylight Rangers' solarTube like I do. It resolved our second floor lighting issue perfectly. It is now really bright. Now I love my second floor and would always like to go upstairs. Carlos is the one who did the job. He is patient and kind. The first time he came to our house, he oversaw the problems, came up with some solutions, we discussed together and made plans. The second time he came, it took only less than 2 hours for him to put on 2 light on my second floor, which one of them is very difficult, it is above the stairs. Overall experience with Daylight Rangers is super awesome. Highly recommended! Oh, remember, you will get tax deduction for solar projects at your home.
Dec 17, 2019
We live in a 55 year old house with very little natural light. You can't even see down some of the hallways in the middle of the day. We met a representative from Daylight Rangers at the State Fair this year and had them come out for an estimate. We ended up installing 5 Solatubes! Our house is now filled with beautiful, natural light. Peter is very knowledgable, pleasant to work with and ON TIME! We don't turn on half of the lights we used to.
Nov 12, 2019
We have a Solatube installed by Daylight Rangers in our kitchen. The light provided by the tube is so good we rarely turn our ceiling lights on. Installation was over 4 years ago & we have never had a problem with leaks. We were so happy with the service, we had them install a few solar attic fans on our roof. again the quality of the product & installation is 5 star. Daylight Rangers is an excellent company to work with. Highly recommend!
Jun 11, 2019
We are very pleased with the work Daylight Rangers provided with installing our solar tubes. Before the actual installation, Carlos met with us to discuss our plans and provided great advice, giving us scenarios with price estimates. On the day of installation, Carlos installed 4 tubes, and worked with us on softening the sunlight intensity to match our existing lights. He was very professional, had cloths laid down to eliminate any post-work clean-up, and was extremely precise with creating the openings in the ceiling and roof. Great communication from the company before and after installation day. I could not be more satisfied, and I highly recommend.
Apr 25, 2019
The two best employees I dealt with were Ted & Jonathan. Ted was the first person at Daylight Ranger I had contact with & we hit it off. Jonathan was the front man who came out & measured, wrote up the bid & installed. Having had previous experience with this product in Houston, I will tell you Daylight Rangers is a more professional &competent organization than I have dealt with in the past. Give them a try.